Pre Employment Medicals

Medical Services Unit provides a comprehensive pre employment medical service, onsite, Australia wide.

Medical Services Unit provides a timely, cost effective, pre employment medical service. Our team of doctors, physiotherapists, and trained medical assistants combine to produce a comprehensive and individually tailored medical report to ensure that employers choose the right candidate for the role.

Medical Services Unit’s portable clinics provide an onsite, rapid response medical screen for the employer. Our comprehensive medical report ensures employers make an informed decision about the health and physical capabilities of the candidate.

Medical Services Unit provides tailored pre employment medicals which cater for a spectrum of industries including: agribusiness, mining, industrial, manufacturing and hospitality.

An industry and job specific medical can be tailored to suit your needs, including:

      • Cardiovascular examination (heart check, blood pressure, pulse)
      • Audiometric screening (hearing levels)
      • Vision screening
      • Colour blindness test – Isharhari
      • Grip strength
      • Hernia identification and other abdominal abnormalities
      • Lung function
      • Medical history pre existing conditions
      • Previous injury analysis and assessment
      • Urine analysis- blood, sugar, protein
      • Height, weight, body mass index (BMI)
      • Full musculoskeletal examination including comprehensive range of movement

For more information on our pre employment medical service or to organise a tailored pre employment medical for your candidates, please contact us at: enquiries@medicalservicesunit.com

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